Wednesday, January 4

Wedding Wednesday :: Getting Organized

I've decided to start off 2012 on the right foot! Up until now I've been pretty flaky with my wedding posts. In my defense, our date is still a ways away and I've got plenty of time to plan, however that time is quickly dwindling and I need to start getting on top of it all.

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I went wedding dress shopping this past week. It was my first time out and it was fantastic! I went with my mother, my soon-to-be sister in-law and my two sisters. I haven't quite figured out how to post about this yet, since Jack is being all sneaky trying to get a peak at what I tried on, so I'm going to hold off and post about this in the next week or two. If anybody has any advice on how to do this, send it along! Instead, I'm going begin by focusing on getting organized.

Up until this point I have done three main things:
  1. Chosen a venue
  2. Booked our WONDERFUL photographers
  3. Chosen a date (August 18th, 2012)
Beyond this, I have reached a wall. I know I need to find a dress, choose colours, decide a menu, and about a million other details, but it all piles up and I inevitably choose to work on my Film5 Phase 2 submission instead. Usually, I am a planorama extraordinare, but in this case I haven't been plunging in. In addition to not plunging in, I've been filing and ignoring my Martha Stewart and emails as they come in. SO! I did what I needed to do and I printed off a full and thorough wedding to-do list and stuck in right on my fridge. This way it will be in front of me for a minute or two day-in, day-out, keeping me on track. 

After looking at this list, I think I'm actually in pretty good standing. The main thing I did to focus on right now is the dress, the cake slash dessert table, and the menu. I suppose the officiant is important, so I should looking into that too. In keeping with staying organized I'm going to keep a count down to my wedding... that way when it gets really close and I've still done nothing, I can be SUPER aware of how little time I have left!

8 months, 16 days.


  1. Ang - Love at First ShoeJanuary 4, 2012 at 5:12 PM

    EEE! I'm so excited for you! Our date is August 25th!  I have a trusty wedding planner guide on the way to me as we speak.  After I start my new job I'm getting down and dirty with planning!

    Good luck!!!!!

  2. It's great that you are super organized! I had a binder I lived off of for ours.

  3. Your fridge looks like mine - just neater and with less slash marks and scribble notes

  4. Wow, you seem so organized in comparison to me! Our wedding date was just this last June (2011) and we had gotten engaged in Sept (2009). I did the same as you- picked the date, booked the venue and found a photographer first. The next important thing to find would definitely be the dress! Unless you buy off the rack it can take several months for your gown to come in. Wishing you a stress-free planning experience! After ordering my dress and the bridesmaids', I left everything else until about 4 months beforehand, lol.

  5. Awesome.  Well, you're further along than I am!  My fiance is getting shipped to Qatar (he's in the military) in October, so I know we will be getting married some time before then.  And I know what colors we will have.  But that's it.  We don't have a date or a place or a dress or anything!  Aaaaa!  It's SO much work!  Best to you in getting it all done!

  6. Hi Sorren,

    First of all CONGRATS on getting engaged!  So exciting.  Great blog too!

    Your wedding planning is clearly pretty organized, and I think we can make your life a little easier with at least that budget planner!  And managing the guest list too if you haven't already done that.   We literally just launched two new products that we think you'll like and will save you hours of time.

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    Customer Specialist

  7. Super excited for you

  8. This checklist looks awesome - where did you find it or did you make yours?
    I'm in the process of planning for my wedding next year and I feel like all the checklists online have a lot of unnecessary items on them.  Love your wedding posts though - keep it up :)

  9. I would also love to know where you found your checklist or if you made it yourself (and if I could get a copy...) :)


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