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Matrimonial Monday :: Location, Location, Location

Considering Wednesdays are already dedicated to What I Ate - because I love food that much - Wedding Wednesdays are out. However, Jack and I are planning our wedding for next summer so this blog definitely must evolve and make room for some wedding-related posting - ergo Matrimonial Mondays*. I'm not one hundred percent sold on this title though. SO, if your alliteration skills are better than mine, and you have another suggestion (can be any day of the week except Wednesday), please let me know! 


Since becoming engaged, Jack and I have been pretty relaxed in regards to all things wedding, which is somewhat against character for me. Although I have always been an avid planner, I was never the type of girl to daydream about my wedding day and all the little details that would make it just-so. There are many pros inherent in this fact, however the definitive con is that I have nothing thought-out and no plan of action. Luckily, Jack and I would like our wedding to be simple and [relatively] inexpensive, meaning that we [likely] won't have anything too elaborate ahead of us... i hope. knock on wood. all of you -right now, knock on wood. phew. thanks.

The first thing we knew we had to nail down, was a venue. Venues book up quickly, interesting inexpensive venues even quicker. We had both considered my parents backyard as an option but were unsure about asking them to bare the responsibility of hosting, so we thought up some back-ups:

  • The Khyber Club, downtown Halifax. The Khyber Club is a historic, Victorian-Gothic style, three story building that is host to art exhibits, artist lectures, performances and classes. We love attending shows here, the building is really old and all-around awesome AND I'm pretty sure the venue is inexpensive (given it caters to starving artists and all).
  • Abandoned Office Space, Barrington St. Halifax. Since 2008, much of the office space in the old buildings, downtown Halifax have become empty. Jack and I are suckers for minimalistic, industrial style and thought a big, open space with concrete floors, posts and exposed brick walls would be awesome.

Although either of these locations would have been fantastic and completely us, my parents ended up coming through with their backyard / barn and we jumped at the chance. Honestly, a free venue with flexible date options is pretty much the best possible option. And what makes it better? My parents' backyard is absolutely beautiful AND THEY HAVE BARN!! We've been using the barn for storage for as long as we've lived there will be some intense cleaning leading up to the wedding, but I think it'll be worth it!

I'll make sure to post pictures of the transformation as it happens. For now, here's the before:

Outside the barn / yard

Inside the barn

*Since it's still fairly early in the planning process I won't commit to weekly 
Matrimonial Monday posts, but will instead post as things evolve.


  1. What an amazing venue!!! I'm a meeting/event planner and I'm so used to seeing so many typical venues everyday venues...boring!  LOVE THIS!! I can't wait to see the transformation!

  2. OOH! the barn looks awesome! Good luck with the renovations, I'm absolutely certain that it's going to turn out soooo pretty. Can't wait to see the progress!

  3. Twitterpated Thursdays?

    P.S. A barn-filled venue seems like the perfect choice!

  4. Soooo exciting! I was never the type to plan my wedding, either...and then I started working for a bridal magazine. Now, there's a giant manila folder in my desk marked "<3s" (only the <3 is an actual heart, whatevs). Just don't tell Matt that I have our whole wedding planned before he's proposed, haha.

    Anyway, nice choice with the backyard/barn. I've seen some beautiful nature-y/DIY weddings like that!You could do "Marriage Mondays". OR switch "What I Ate" to "Foodie Fridays", thus freeing up humpday for "Wedding Wednesdays". I love alliteration :)

  5. All I can think of is Hitched Hursdays, lol! Sorry, English is not my first language... Although I can't really come up with anything in the other one either, not that it matters! I think your choice of location is incredibly beautiful and I'm sure you'll make it insanely pretty! Can't wait to see the finished product actually, haha :-)

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