Monday, July 28

lust list :: Sneakers

Since moving to Toronto I've been walking a lot more, a lot more. I live an hour away from the office and with Jack still in Montreal for a couple months I found it was a good way to kill some of my sudden and ample me-time.

Lately I've been noticing all my high-impact walking (yeah, that's right, it's gotten serious) is taking a toll on my bod, specifically my poor knees. As cute as my chucks, keds and favourite comfy flats are, they don't really do the trick when pounding the pavement 2 hours a day. I love my cute sneaker collection, I truly do, so I'm looking at this as an opportunity to branch out and get more sweet kicks in the closet.

New Balance 420 [similar] | New Balance 410 [similar] | Roshe Run Nike [similar]
New Balance 420 | Nike Victoria [similar]

Clearly I've already developed an affinity for a couple brands... and styles, but I still can't quite nail it down. Also, I did not have an easy time tracking down these actual styles online. I may have missed the boat on these styles but it doesn't stop me from loving them! If I track down the exact thing, I'll be sure to share the link! Have you stumbled upon any I've missed? What sporty sneaks have got you swooning?

Tuesday, July 22

Polka Night

American Apparel polka dots | Talula shorts (similar) | French Connection sandals (similar)
RUDSAK clutch (similar) | Marc Jacobs watch 

This summer is an odd one. The back and forth between cool and sweltering has everyone confused and nobody acclimatized. It’s led to me having 3-4 blazers permanently left at my desk and a pair of shorts in my purse. My usual breadth of summer dresses work for the day but rarely do it for me when the sun goes down. I’ve started turning instead to shorts paired with warmer shirts to give me the dressed-up feeling, while keeping my teeth from chattering. This particular ensemble is most definitely on repeat and I don’t mind one bit... the weather on the other hand needs to check out a calendar stat.

♡ ♡ 

Sunday, July 13


Kate Spade Saturday frock {similar} | Michael Kors messenger tote | Wedge Espadrilles {similar} | derng bracelets

Jack bought me this lovely little frock in New York from Kate Spade Saturday. It was my first time in the boutique and it was just perfect. Not only were the clothes the perfect balance of chic and relaxed but the store itself just. made. sense. Bright, airy and an iPhone charging tower?! Serious bliss happening over there.

Since it's gotten warm, I make sure to bust it out every chance I get and given this last weekend, it's in high demand. Normally, I gravitate towards my sweet mint chucks to keep things comfy and ready for adventure but since I've been fighting off a cold I over-compensated and grabbed the wedges. What better way to distract from puffy eyes than with a towering, I-may-or-may-not-crush-your-buildings stance? I've got plenty more tricks where that came from. Stick around, they're bound to come out.

♡ ♡