Friday, December 30

Food Friday: Potato Soup with Bacon Vinaigrette & Tea Biscuits

Winter is the perfect time for easy meals and quick leftovers.
It seems like every single meal you make is built for double duty;
lasagna, shepherd's pie, quiches, soup and chili - it's all amazing on day 2.
It can also get a little repetitive which is why I like to get a little creative once in a while,
and let me tell you, bacon vinaigrette on top of potato soup 
isn't something I would come up with myself.


The soup itself was super easy to make.
Which is awesome because it means more time
for bacon vinaigrette and tea biscuits.
Basically chop up your veggies, saute, add water and let it cook for a while.
Once it's been cooking for a while, transfer to your blender, blend and add sour cream.
See? Easy peasy.
Not detailed enough? No problem.
Take a peek at the full recipe over on food 52

BACON VINAIGRETTE                                                                                                                             

Soup wasn't easy enough for you?
Well you sure are fussy... and might I say, slightly lazy. 
That soup was effin' easy, so you may need to check yourself.
In any case, the vinaigrette is also crazy easy 
so if the soup didn't impress this sure should.

Lay your bacon flat on a baking sheet, bake for a bit.
While it's baking, chop up green onions and pour your white wine vinegar.
Then mix it up and you're basically good to go.
Want a little more insight?
Check out the full recipe on food 52

TEA BISCUITS                                                                                                                                            

Believe it or not, the tea biscuits were the most work of the entire meal.
We followed a very basic tea biscuit recipe, found here
and then tweaked it here and there.
First tweak - the addition of bacon grease in place of shortening.
Second tweak - the addition of basil and parmesan.
Third tweak - skim milk [to balance out the bacon grease].
They turned out awesome.

Even though this meal is easy, there are many layers to it.
It adds up. It's annoying.

I used wine and water glasses to cut out the biscuits,
I think a larger circle may work as well.

Blend your soup in two batches.
I did not. It got messy. 
It made everything take a WHOLE lot longer.
Don't make the same mistake I did.
Your kitchen will thank you.


  1. ooh sounds wonderful. But you're right, lots of different things to keep track of. You definitely need to time things right, and I definitely don't have that skill...

  2. I like how you used sour cream! We always you 35% MF cream and it's SO fattening. I'd like to try using that instead 

  3. My mouth is watering! This looks amazing, def something I'll have to try to recreate :)
    xo Jac

  4. This Soup looks Delicious! Agreed with you that you should keep on track while using different things with different tastes!

  5. excuse my french but holy shit this looks reeeeeeallly good!!!!! cute blog...this is my first time here and i am definitely following!

  6. first time in 2011 ;) i'm adding your button by the way! i am so bad with reader :/


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