Friday, January 6

Food Friday: Simple Dessert Tarts

On Saturday night, Jack and I attended a little NYE potluck complete with 
appetizers, mains, salads, champagne, fancy dresses, sparklers and dessert, made by yours truly.
Since I had just spent the morning cleaning my apartment from top to bottom,
an intricate, complicated and delicious option was not an option.

Seriously guys, messing around in the kitchen after cleaning is my least favourite thing...
actually, cleaning is my least favourite thing, but you get the idea.

SO, I grabbed Jack, we put our thinking caps on and then headed to the Superstore.

This was beyond easy. It was so easy it was criminal.
All you need is curd or custard (or both) for the filling, shells, and berries for the top!

We got our curds, field berry and lemon, from the President's Choice black label section.
The custard and meringues were also President Choice, although not black label.
For the berries we grabbed a bag of mixed frozen berries 
because all the fresh berries were rotten, no lie, it was gross.
Not cool, Superstore, not cool.

If you get the frozen berries toss them in a bowl to thaw,
and put the pie shells in the oven to bake.
Once the pie shells are baked, grab a spoon, grab a filling, and fill a pie shell.
Once there is a generous amount of filling, top it with berries.
Pat yourself on the back, you're a regular ol' Betty Crocker!
Great job!

The custard ate right through the meringue and created quite the mess
...although it wasn't so messy that I couldn't manage to eat it.

The curd is very sweet so if you don't have a sociopathic sweet tooth like I do
- seriously, this tooth is dangerous folks; no conscience once sugar is in the picture - 
don't fill up the tarts as much as I did! 
Perhaps try filling them halfway and then topping the rest with berries.


  1. I love fruit tarts, and these look crazy easy! Thanks for sharing!
    xo Jac

  2. The merengues look super yummy! I must try and make this for the boyfriend once :) he loves red fruits and merengues! x

  3. I've made the meringues before and used lemon yogurt for the filling. It was nice and light and the yogurt didn't seem to affect the meringue. One of my favorite, light desserts!

  4. those look ah-mazing! Good thing I live near a Loblaws, best ever!


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