Monday, November 14

Matrimonial Monday :: Picture Perfect

Oh the photographer, the photography, the photos. 
When we first got engaged friends, family - strangers, even - would approach us 
saying that we MUST decide on three things immediately:  
the date, the venue and the photographer. 
It was at this moment, 
faced with a hoard of helpful people yelling advice, 
that we realized that photos were one of our priorities and we should splurge on it! 

We began by sifting through Duly Noted and a list of vendors from the Coast
settling on three photographers - Layton Reid, Chelle Wootten, and Evan McMaster - 
whose style, photo composition and price point were top notch. 
These three photographers are all so fantastic that it really made the decision very difficult.
After hemming, hawing and hounding anyone with insight we decided on:

Her team did a fantastic job photographing our friends' wedding this past summer
and after meeting with them to discuss what they offer and how they work, we were hooked.
Seriously, they were awesome.
I sometimes want to make up excuses for us to hang out again,
but then I remember to keep it in check...

...there's plenty of time for creepin' once our wedding has been photographed.


  1. Love those inspiration pics.  Beautiful!

  2. They are amazing! I found them online, and there's no way I can get them (I'm too tall), but a girl can dream.

  3. Thanks! I need to start making some more wedding inspiration boards, I just grabbed these last night, but I'm LOVING the barn decor.

  4. Ooooh those photos are lovely! Can't wait to see photos of your wedding! (I'll assume my invitation to your big day is in the mail) ;) xo


  5. I adore wedding photos and weddings.  I'm such a hopeless romantic!  Can't wait to continue reading about all your plans. :)


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