Monday, April 28

Grey Days, Big Coffees

Pink Martini trench {old, similar} | sweatershirt {last season, similar} | faux leather leggings {similar}  | chucks
necklaces c/o Pearls for Girls NA & Stella & Dot

There's something about grey days that calls for big coffees... or multiple coffees, or multiple, big coffees. I can't say exactly how much coffee I had this weekend but I most certainly over-did it.

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my news - Jack & I are on the move again! This time we're headed to Toronto! I recently accepted a new position at my company. Since my new team is in Toronto and the city has a strong Television & Film Industry (Jack's line of work) we realized it's the right place for us right now. We will most definitely be bummed to leave Montreal -it's such a beautiful city- and all our new friends but are also very excited to explore Toronto and start a new adventure!

The big move happens June 1st which means all our weekends are now booked up with apartment hunting (from afar), downsizing, kijiji-ing, packing and saying goodbye to our favourite restaurants....and friends, of course! During this time my current love of simple, relaxed outfits may become a full blown obsession. Now that I think of it, perhaps the grey days aren't to blame for my severe coffee intake this weekend after-all...


  1. Amazing news, Sorren! You will love Toronto :)

  2. Love the chucks! Good luck on your move!


  3. Fabulous! Good for you. Toronto is a great spot. Good luck with the packing. Love the Chucks :)

  4. Love this classic look. Good luck with having a smooth move!

  5. Welcome to Toronto! I think you'll love it and there is so much to see and do here!

    1. oh thank you! I'm very excited! it will definitely be fun to have the summer to settle in :)


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