Friday, May 2

lust list :: Birthday Wishes

As my birthday is one week from today (calm down, I know, it's all very exciting) I thought it would be fitting & fun to put together a little wish list. Funny thing is, as much as I swoon daily for all of the pretty things trying to compile a slew of them together for my birthday was difficult - not something I would expect. It may be because this year is a big one but nothing felt right... like anything was monumentus enough to mark the occasion. The things I found myself wanting most were not easily purchased items but were rather thoughts & hopes for the upcoming months and year. So, to satisfy both my material and more elusive birthday wishes I included a little bit of both.

worn archive // scotch spring polishes // Joie mariner sweatpants // Shellys London brogues // Kate Spade wallet // baublebar bracelet // Marc Jacobs watch // Kate Spade sunnies // Kate Spade candle holder // Kate Spade tote // beats Pill speaker

Health: I always believe this is an important focus to consider in daily decisions.. that said - I hate running & I love sugar. As I get older though, staying ahead on this health thing is going to help so I want to adopt a routine that works for me.  

Travel: I've been really enjoying taking advantage of our new city and all the 4 hour roadtrips we've been doing. I hope we keep it up, especially as we move to a new city and so many more 4 hour roadtrip destinations open up!

Grace: Grace is the face that love wears when it meets imperfection. Holding the thought of grace always in the back of my mind leaves me better equipped to handle the daily frustrations and injustices that have no place in my heart. more of that.

Mindset: Approaching this birthday I've been wary about fore-fitting my claim to the "20-something" title I've grown quite comfortable with. The thought of it leaves me scrunching my nose and wishing for a DeLorean of my own. When I consider what I feel I'm losing, I realize I have an idea that my 20s were for discovery & adventure, while my 30s should be for focus & solidifying. I fear that shedding my 20s means losing my youth and my right to be care free, to make mistakes and to not settle. It's a fear that makes me face all the things I had hoped to accomplish by now but haven't, all the places I wanted to go but still have yet to see and all that is to come and what it will demand. While there are certain truths present I've realized there is no line in the sand. I am who I am, I want what I want, I enjoy what I enjoy and whatever the title - 20something, early 30s - I just have to remember to be true to me and those I love, the rest will come and go as it pleases.

Happiness: Because that's what this all leads to and what it's all about, right?

// bring. it. on. //


  1. I love the lemon print - it's totally one of the most fun prints i've seen this spring. hope you get it for your birthday!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Hope you have a fabulous birthday! What great birthday intentions. Best of luck to you in making them happen.


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