Monday, April 14


Indoors, outdoors, it's always nice to have a jacket. In the office, a blazer provides warmth and sharp resolve. Outside, a trench coat keeps things professional when you've got to pop out for a meeting or lunch. 


A blazer is the sriracha of the office wardrobe; it's not always necessary but it is most definitely, always a good addition. Much like with the condiment, I go through phases of relying on blazers far too much and bouts of forgetting they exist. Whatever the phase, there is no better piece to pull together an already professional look or dress up one on the edge of business casual. Plus, blazers always offer the added warmth I so desperately need on an ongoing basis. Once you've got a killer, classic black blazer branch out!

essential :: H&M, other option here & here | invest :: J.Crew, other option here | indulge :: Helmut Lang, other option here
{fun} essential :: Romwe, other option here | invest :: DVF, other option here | indulge :: Rag & Bone, other option here


I have rarely felt more awkward than when I have to layer a killer ski jacket, over my chic office-wear to attend a lunch meeting. There's just something about it that makes me feel like a kid playing at being a grownup. Honestly, having a nice trench coat (or pea coat in the winter) to toss on when heading out with coworkers or to a client meeting makes a difference in my confidence which has an effect on how I approach the day. Good thing trench coats are just so darn stylish.

essential :: Mango, other option hereinvest :: Banana Republicindulge :: Burberry, other option here


  1. Haha I know what you mean about the whole not having the "right" jacket to put over office-wear! For a while I just had this black hooded jacket from Garage of all places that I could wear over my work clothes because of the yo-yo-ing weather - trench coats just seem SO much more put together & "finished" :) Great post - really like the 3 price options you gave!

  2. I am in love with that Rag&Bone Blazer... so gorgeous!

  3. oh my god, I know! ..if only, right!?

  4. Thank you! I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone. I can only dream of those << indulge >> pieces but dreaming is fun!

  5. Those trench options look great. The Burberry one is my favorite. I also love the DVF blazer.


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