Friday, August 24

Guest Post: Courtesy Laugh

When trying to write Amber's intro I got tongue tied. No lie. This girl is so fantastic that all my words came rushing forward, fighting with each other over who was best, who deserved to be used and who should go first. Unfortunately for my lovely, dear would-be-real-life friend [if we lived nearby], "deafening" is quite the fighter. So without anymore ado, an amazing recipe from the deafening, Amber.


Hello Classic Noise friends! I'm Amber, Sorren's other, less real soulmate, here to make sure you are still eating while Sorren's away getting married. To help me out with this food post, I've resourced a favorite summer TV show of Sorren's and mine, MasterChef, for a tasty light dinner idea. I decided to try these Thai-spiced Crabcakes that super likable contestant Josh whipped up earlier this season. He also made a salad and curry with these, but I was lazy and not that hungry so all you're getting are the cakes. 

I cut this very easy recipe in half to get two servings. Below are my ingredients, minus the ones I forgot to photograph, so...helpful, I know. As you can see, I have used all fresh ingredients here except for the chili sauce, breadcrumbs, garlic, crab, or lime juice. Actually the egg expires in two days so I don't really know if that counts either. But the point is I minced the cilantro with my HANDS.


First step was to whisk the chili sauce, garlic, and lime juice together, and then add in olive oil. I dumped half of that out as directed to save as a dipping sauce for later. Then I whisked in the egg and cilantro. I mixed absolutely everything in this measuring cup. 'Tis a super quick, one-bowl recipe, my friends. Do not let the cute tiny bowls I used purely for blog purposes fool you.


Next I seasoned the crab a bit, and dumped it into the egg mixture, which is a much more beautiful yellow-with-green-and-red color than the photo below suggests. After stirring a bit, it became clear to me that my mixture was too thin to form into cakes. I think earlier I probably set aside less than the half for dipping than I should have. So instead of rolling my cakes in the breadcrumbs after forming them, I dumped the breadcrumbs directly into the mixture to thicken it up a bit, and ended up nearly doubling the amount of breadcrumbs to do so. It worked out well, I promise.


I don't have any fancy ring molds to form my cakes in, so I just rinsed out the crab can and packed the mixture in there twice, turning them out onto parchment paper. It worked pretty well, giving me two giant beef patty-sized cakes. I put them in the fridge for about half an hour to set; I'd recommend a little longer if you are planning to also photograph them under a bright light on a hot day.


Lastly, I melted half a tablespoon of butter in my medium-high heat pan, and cooked them uncovered 5 minutes each side. I got a nice light char on the outside and soft cakiness on the inside. I forgot to photograph the curry powder with all my ingredients, but I did sprinkle some over the top of the cakes when they were done as directed. It was very subtle, so I think I might mix in half a teaspoon or so next time. In the end, though, this little dish was--as Gordon Ramsay or any other person who speaks English would say--"delicious."


Thanks for letting me hang out for the day here, Sorren and friends! Can't wait to hear about all the food and fun on the wedding day!


  1. I can't cook, but I can love Amber.

  2. I hurt your ears, Sorren? AM I TYPING TOO LOUD

  3. i actually think of you as very subdued but PERHAPS I WAS WRONG!!!


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