Monday, August 27

Guest Post: Barb Barb Barb

Right off the bat, I knew I was going to like Barb. I mean, how could I not? Her URL is: and her blog's title is blog blog blog - obviously, this girl was seriously cool. Barb is currently in the midst of her #30in90 bucket list and I highly recommend you check it out - it'll have you wanting to make your own.


When Sorren asked me to do a little guest post on her blog to be posted when she was off getting MARRIED, I was thrilled. I love Classic Noise and I think Sorren is just the sweetest. 

On my little blog, I rarely post photos of myself. I tend to talk a lot about other people… posting interviews with local artists, features on my favourite local stores, boutiques & galleries and OF COURSE, my current favourite songs. Since Sorren and Jack are moving to Montreal (sooner than later), I thought I’d share a favourite song from my favourite band that did the same Halifax to Montreal move… Wintersleep! 

Their new album, Hello Hum, is great. It’s a departure from their past few albums... but still consists of the same haunting vocals, killer drums beats and perfect bass lines. (Seriously, Mike Bigelow is a great bass player). 

The video is by Mitch Fillion of Southern Souls (I interviewed him here:

If you have some time, be sure to check out his site for more videos of Canadian bands. (

 XO! B

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