Thursday, August 23

Guest Post: Shen Dove

Shen popped onto my radar almost as soon as I started blogging. With her effortless style, ability to make colours look calm and professional, and AMAZING ever-changing hair, I knew that this wouldn't be an occasional kind of thing.


Hi All! I'm happy to do a guest post for Sorren while she is off getting married.  How exciting! Congrats to you and Jack during this memorable time. 

I don't typically have trouble deciding what to wear for occasions, especially if a colorful skirt is involved.  But dressing a room is a little more challenging for me.  I find the task of deciding on artwork to match room decor particularly hard, there are so many options out there!  So this time around when hunting for artwork inspiration,  I decided to take a literal approach and start looking for art pieces similar to my outfits.  I looked around one of my favorite places to find artwork and homemade goods, Etsy.  I found a lovely abstract piece by this artist that reminded me of a vintage skirt and tank top I recently wore. 

The art piece is cheerful which totally matches the mood I was going for with my outfit. I always feel happier when I'm wearing color, so it only makes sense that the walls of my home should be colorful too.

I will definitely try choosing artwork inspired by my outfits in the future.  After all, your home and clothing should reflect your personal style and personality right? 

Skirt: Buffalo Exchange; Top: Swapped; Necklace: Target; Earrings: H&M; Sandals: Target; Bracelet: F21

Thanks again for letting me stop by Sorren!


  1. I love your skirt! It is so pretty!

  2. she's so cute!


  3. Thanks for the guest post Sorren!

  4. i love that you used such a bright and fun piece of art work to inspire your outfit!


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