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Guest Post: Brilliant Sugar

Whenever I read Brilliant Sugar, a calm washes right over me. Candice has a way with words that makes you feel like you've known her for years - which is great because I creep on her as though I have... 



I'm Candice and I write a lifestyle blog called Brilliant Sugar, which melds together a few of my very favourite things including fashion, food & home projects along with snippets of anything inspiring that makes its way into my daily life.

I'm happy to share a recipe on classic noise today and also want to wish Sorren & Jack an absolutely beautiful wedding celebration. We all know Sorren is a classic beauty and I'm positive she's going to be graceful & radiant on her wedding day. Best wishes to you both! XO

On a recent trip to the States I grabbed some edamame hummus & falafel chips at Trader Joe's as a road trip snack. Well. The combination was amazing and I wanted to find my own edamame, or soybean, hummus recipe as soon as possible! This is a bright-tasting alternative to your usual chickpea hummus. It has the satisfaction of a creamy dip to serve as a snack without too many guilt-inducing calories : ) Enjoy!

Edamame Hummus


1 1/2 cups edamame (green soy beans) cooked and shelled
2 tbsp tahini paste (sesame seed paste)
1/4 cup water plus more if needed
1 tsp lemon zest
Juice of one lemon
1 clove garlic, crushed
Salt to taste
2 tsp olive oil

In a food processor, blend soy beans, tahini, water, lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic, salt, pepper and 1 tsp olive oil until smooth. Ass more water if needed until consistency is smooth. Place in a bowl and top with remainder oil.

*In the photos, you'll see I didn't place extra oil on top to serve. You can choose whichever way you prefer!

Source: Adapted from Skinnytaste 

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