Monday, August 20

Wedding Wednesday :: Wedding Tunes

 Hey all! 

Just thought I would pop in for a quick music Monday and share the top tunes from our big day! I can't wait to share more photos and details from the wedding :)

Walk down the aisle - our friend, Adam, played an acoustic version of this song. It was perfect AND he managed to get BOTH the vocal and instrumental parts in. Amazing.

Recessional - our same friend, Adam, played an acoustic version of this song on our way out. It was also perfect. He used a loop peddle to build the guitar parts and pre-recorded the drums.

First Dance - Jack and I wanted a song that was a classic but still fun. This one was perfect because it sounds like it was written yesterday, but it's been around forever [much like our love.. awwwww]. 

Father-daughter Dance - My dad has always been a big fan of Bob Marley, making this song the perfect choice for our father-daughter dance... honestly, couldn't think of a better song!

Mother-son Dance - His mom wanted the Rankin Family which was [luckily] quickly shouted down by all those within earshot of this request. Instead, ears everywhere were spared and Jack and his mother danced to this ditty.


  1. These are all perfect songs! Incredible selection!

  2. ahhh thank you! I wish we had a video with sound of the ceremony because our friend, Adam, really did an amazing job with we are going to be friends AND the talking heads. maybe I'll ask him if he would mind recording what he did for each..


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