Thursday, August 16

Guest Post: House of Winchester

Libby may be a newbie in the blogging scene but she certainly knows what she's doing when she throws together an outfit. Mixing Joe Fresh and ALDO with higher end items like Equipment she's got the style thing down and we're all just along for the ride.


Hey! Libby here!

I am so honored that Sorren has asked me to do a guest post today! I thought I would take this opportunity to pay homage to the classics.... classic noise and classic fashion. I have styled a look that is simple and something I think  Sorren would put together.  Really, we all need someone like Sorren in our life to remind us that the classics are really probably the best option to go with when in doubt and to keep us from our penchant for hello kitty and glitter nails. Although if you will notice I couldn't help but insert some crazy shades and bold lips! ;)Have a great summer all and please stop by House of Winchester and say hello! 


  1. I love Libby's blog! :)

    xx Veronica

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