Tuesday, August 28

Guest Post: Doll Parade

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin at the East Coast Fashion Bloggers event back in April and I had an instant blogger crush. This girl is laid back, stylish and oh-so cool. If we lived in the same province, I would make it my personal mission to become her full-time friend.


Hello Classic Noise readers! My name is Kristin and I write a small style blog out of the East coast of Canada coined "Doll Parade". I am posting on behalf of Sorren who is currently enjoying some much deserved post-wedding bliss. First and foremost, a huge congratulations is in order for Mrs. S, who, can I just say, looked absolutely drop-dead gorgeous on her wedding day - so if you haven't seen a photo just yet, you wait! 

Sorren suggested I put together an outfit for this guest post, and I of course happily obliged, since, truth be told, I pretty much solely live for my next favorite dress or shoe (yes, they change often). Since we're being honest today on Classic Noise, I will admit that part of me is starting to mentally abandon my Summer wear. I'm sort of not ready for the Summer to be over, though another part of me is just so excited for pants & cozy sweaters. This said, I decided to put together something quintessentially Summer so that I can say kind of, sorta, say... goodbye. So here's to Summer. Here's to bike rides and berry picking, to wildflowers & picnics, to cliff jumping & warm evening walks. And of course, here's to Sorren (and Jack!), because after this month's festivity, your Summers will forever be sweeter. Thank you for reading, and come visit me at Doll Parade if you fancy.

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