Sunday, March 16


Since I got so many lovely comments on a recent instagram I thought I would share my DIY Tibi tutorial. HonestlyWTF has an amazing post detailing how recreate Jin Soon Choi's Tibi runway nail art... which I gave a try (or 5) but I just couldn't master the steady hand. The shakes and my apparently, ridiculous want of a beige nail pen (what? that's not everyone's first choice?!) led to some creative execution.

Here's how I did it:

Grab your two colours of choice; a base and an accent. Cut twelve small pieces of painter tape and set aside, ready for use. Depending on your base polish you may want to paint your day before to give it time to dry. 

Begin by taping your pointer and ring finger horizontally, leaving a thin space in-between. Follow with taping your middle finger vertically, leaving the same sized space.

Paint over the spaces left on each of your fingers with your accent colour. Peel off the tape beginning with the first finger you painted. Don't let the polish dry too long before peeling or it may dry to the tape and pull off with it (...I learnt that the hard way).

and VOILA! your sweet shaky hands have Tibi runway inspired nails like all the cool kids!


  1. LOVE this!! and definitely want to give it a try. What are the two colours you've used here? I love the colours!


  2. I used "Sand Tropez" and "It's in the Bag" as I had them both lying around! Make sure you let me know when you try, I'd love to see the result!!

  3. This is so super cute!! Love it.


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