Thursday, March 13


I took a bit of an unintentional Office Guide hiatus last week. Truth be told, I went down a rabbit hole in search of the perfect blouse options to share. Hours were spent scouring the web, saving, deleting and re-saving different choices. I've since pulled myself back into reality... just in time for an incredible snow storm (the perfect time to head down an inter-web rabbit hole). I digress; let's dive in!


Every professional should have a crisp, white dress shirt hanging in their closet. It's a key piece that dresses up and down easily, always adding a chic, pulled-together feel. Blouses are a great way to add fun and personality to a professional wardrobe. When I first began working I stayed far away from blouses, worrying the femininity would diminish my corporate look - that's just not true. I still gravitate to more simple patterns and styles, and this area still needs a bit of development in my wardrobe, but I'm not afraid to go beyond the classic button up and that counts as progress... right

essential :: Joe Fresh, other option here and here | invest :: Hugo Boss, other option here and here | indulge :: Burberry, other option here
{fun} essential :: Vero Moda, other option here | invest :: Laurence Dolige, other option here | indulge :: Tory Burch, other option here and here 


If you're like me, the opportunity to get down and comfy is always appealing. Obviously, not every environment is informal, or fashion-forward, enough to allow for dress sweats but there are other ways to keep it laid back when all you can muster is the casual corner of dressy-casual. Cardigans and sweaters, fitted or relaxed easily layer with dress shirts and blouses. Make sure you own one black cardigan but then take the opportunity to play with colours, textures, fit and ribbing. 

essential :: Joe Fresh, other option hereinvest :: Splendid, other option hereindulge :: Moschino, other option here and here
{fun} essential :: H&M, other option hereinvest :: Max Maraindulge :: Tory Burch


Here's the deal. Basically, it boils down to the fact that I love tees. love. them. I dress 'em up, dress em' down and everything in-between. "The rest" is dedicated to tee shirts of all styles, sizes, fits and colours. I couldn't bring myself to title this tees as when you dress them up, they are so. much. more.

essential :: JCrew, other option here and hereinvest :: James Perse, other option hereindulge :: Rag&Bone, other option here 
{fun} essential :: Joe Fresh | invest :: Splendid | indulge :: Vince, other option here and here 


  1. I really like this series! Work-friendly tops are definitely worth investing a bit more money in because if you purchase quality ones you can wear them for years in an infinite number of ways for work and for other occasions.

  2. thanks so much! I completely agree with you about investing in tops, the longer I work the more I see my office & post-office wardrobes overlap!


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