Wednesday, March 19


Lovely Girl plaid [similar] | Black Swan sweater | T! bottoms [similar] | SF wool socks | DV booties [similar]

This is a little outfit I managed to grab a couple snaps of on a less-than-horrendously cold day pre-hair chop. It's funny it's taken me so long to post given that this was my uniform for the majority of January and February. Sometimes I'd pair it with my wedges or my boots, depending on the type of event, level of cold or existence of snow but otherwise, this was my more-often-than not casual event go-to. I suppose it's about time to retire the plaid for next winter, let's just hope Mother Nature cooperates!


  1. Absolutely ADORE how you layered the plaid under the neutral knit and subtly patterned bottoms. The details on the collar are perfect too!

    I've been looking for those wool socks EVERYWHERE and haven't been able to find them. Where did you buy them?

  2. love the layering. looks so cozy!

    xo jac

  3. this is darling! love the sweater and button down layered up

    ladies in navy


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