Wednesday, July 24

Life Lately :: Dinner by Food Truck...s

It doesn't get much better than endless days and warm nights... except when those nights are weeknights. There are few things I love more than stretching my lazy, hazy summer weekend in through the week. Sure I'm a little sleepier at the office each morning but that's what coffee and headphones are for.

 deep fried mac&cheese sticks // classic meatballs // lamb curry taco with apple // classic smoked grilled cheese
smoked meat sandwich on savoury donut, foie gras poutine, strawberry & cream donut // lemon ginger cotton candy

Jack and I usually hit up cheap movies on Tuesdays but this week we were lured away by the sweet smell of Buffoons Montreal... which is essentially just a congregation of Montreal Food Trucks at the Quartier des spectacles during Just for Laughs. After this Saturday, the trucks will disperse and it will be so. much. harder. to gorge myself so we took full advantage and then rode bixis home. An alternate title for this post could be "why I eat salad for lunch".

This week I'm linking up to Wild & Precious. Stop by and check out everyone else's life, lately!

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  1. OMG YUM! Grilled cheese. I am having that tonight. Thanks for the idea.. ;)


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