Thursday, July 25

festival bjorked!

 west 36th maxi [similar] | RUDSAK clutch [similar]

I purchased "pick 3" bracelets so Jack and I made the drive up the following Saturday to see Bjork! She was everything I dreamed and more. Completely amazing and definitely the highlight of Ottawa Blues Fest. GO SEE HER IMMEDIATELY!!!

I successfully avoided maxis for the past couple summers however this year I caught the bug. I went through a horrible month of trying on the wrong ones - too short, too hippie, too hippy, too fancy, too confusing - and then I found MILK, a small boutique in Ottawa, and fell in love. As happens with that which you want the most, there was a snag - my size was sold out. Savvy person that I am, I bought it anyway knowing I could have it altered. This has yet to happen as I refuse to part with it but I know one, cold day in October, the timing will be right and this dress will fit me perfectly just in time for summer 2014.


  1. Such a gorgeous dress! And I'd LOVE to see Bjork! She's amazing! Glad you were able to catch her!

    Bold Subtlety

    1. oh my, she totally is. I would see her again in a minute

  2. How fun!!
    Love the maxi dress too. So easy to wear don't you think? Glad you caught the bug! teehee

  3. that is such an AMAZING maxi dress! i've definitely tried on some absolutely dreadful ones, so i totally feel you on your problems with the wrong ones!

    dash dot dotty

  4. Yup, I want that maxi dress. It is serious perfection on you Sorren! xo

  5. haha I'm glad I'm not alone - the belt is an awesome idea!


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