Sunday, July 28

hello, summer?

robbi & nikki dress - last year | etnies bomber - old [similar] | chucks | RUDSAK clutch [similar]
Stella & Dot necklace with derng bracelet attached

Ugh you guys. Seriously. Just... ugh. This past week we had a cold snap. I'm talking post-summer, pre-midterms, bundle-up-'cause-winter-is-coming cold. It's awful. I even saw someone wearing a puffer vest. A PUFFER VEST IN JULY. I don't even know what else to say except that my first Montreal winter may have scarred me. It seems that unless I am breathing a thick, humid air and am walking at a quarter of my usual pace so as to not become a puddle I will fear winter is around the corner. this is not healthy. 

In other news, I'm obsessed with my chucks and refuse to wear other footwear unless forced*... hope you like them too because they are on. re.peat!

*see workplace dress code 


  1. Oooh! I love that dress!!

    It's insane how much I've been wearing my Chucks lately too. Sometimes I go a while without wearing them and then I forget how comfy and perfect they are. I may even do custom Chucks for my wedding :)

    1. ooooo you should! Jack's aunt did and they looked awesome!

  2. Oh Sorren, I totally feel your pain. We're having a cold-ish snap here, I wore a hoodie today...a HOODIE! And jeans! And closed toed shoes! I want 12 months of dresses, sandals and a constant tan. I love your dress though!

  3. this dress is effortlessly flattering on you! sorry about the weather!
    kw ladies in navy


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