Wednesday, January 16

Wedding Wednesday :: The Ceremony Details!

One of the best things about getting married on your own property is the freedom to decorate as it suits you. There's no awkward conversations asking if you could please peek in on the venue once more, no four hour day-of rush to throw things up and cross your fingers they land right and no 3am tear down when all you want is to do is go to sleep.

The ceremony was held towards the back in front of two hedges, facing away from the house before the vegetable garden and woods. I couldn't of planted it better. The symmetry the hedges provided the blueprint for an aisle and everything beyond them, a beautiful backdrop. Honestly, I didn't even consider decorating for the ceremony until the week before our big day.

Like many accents of the wedding, the details and decor of the ceremony was DIY. 

We designed and printed our programs two night before the wedding. Neither of had remembered this detail until that moment and sprung to action. It was quite a late night, there were many of these in the week before our wedding. 

The aisle was marked with stacks of bricks, topped with mason jars filled with daisies. The jars themselves had burlap wrapped around them and were tied with twine. 

I printed and cut lightly patterned craft paper triangles to further mark the aisle along the chairs with small paper bunting. 

The aisle itself was closed off with initialed burlap bunting Jack and I had screen printed two nights before. This detail was definitely one of my favourite accents of the ceremony as it incorporated the wedding invitations we had designed and the burlap table runners which would be seen later, almost embodying a type design cohesion. 

My favourite detail of the ceremony were the hanging frames which added to our wooded backdrop. My family saw these on my pinterest and as we had an impressive collection of wooden frames at our disposal (no lie), made it happen. I. was. speechless.

In my opinion, DIY details personalize and warm a wedding venue unlike anything else. They also have a tendency to take up a lot of your time! I worked 8:30 - 5pm, Monday through Friday, leading up to my wedding and let me tell you, at times, it was not pretty. 

Luckily I had support from my amazing husband, family and friends to take over when it all began to overflow. Their support and my tenacity is what pulled these [and more] details together and rounded out our day beautifully. If you can, I definitely recommend sacrificing your free time in the name of these small touches!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love every. last. detail of this post! So gorgeous.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your programs! As a graphic designer/stationer I can really appreciate their beauty, simplicity and the typography. Oh, and your ceremony is lovely as well. ;)

  3. So, so pretty!


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