Monday, January 21

mmmMonday: Foie Gras Poutine

Simple, decadent and your fastest path to a heart-attack; this meal is definitely not to be eaten on repeat. Especially not twice in one day ...I can speak from experience, your taste buds may be singing but your heart will feel greasy. Luckily for my heart, mind and soul, the foie gras is gone and I'm back on the veggies.

Initially, we were going to do a foie gras demi-glaze as the gravy. That is until we researched what was involved in a demi-glaze and, as it was the holidays, apathy and laziness won out. We went a different, slightly more low-rent, but delicious none-the-less route involving poutine gravy mix and pre-made fries. If we do ever get the itch for foie gras poutine again, I'll go for the homemade fries and beef gravy and let you know how they compare.

Begin by throwing your fries in the oven and heating your gravy [homemade or borrowed] on the stove. You will be aiming for two-third cups of gravy. 

Mix two eggs yolks, two tablespoons whipping cream and a quarter cup foie gras in a blender. Pulse until combined.

Once the foie gras mixture has been combined, add it to the prepared gravy and mix. Keep it heating while you prepare the cheese and fries.

Chop up your parsley and break down the cheese curds [if they're in large chunks]. 

Pile your fries into a plate [or plate bowl if you're serious] and toss a hand full of cheese curds on top. Pour the foie gras - gravy mixture over top to your hearts desire. Sprinkle parsley over it all. Go ahead. It's green. It'll make you feel like you're making good decisions. and voila! You are ready to enjoy! 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like Kanye West or MIA as I savoured each delicious bite of my unnecessarily rich poutine. Next up on the decadent to-do list - homemade truffle fries.


  1. That is the best looking heart attack I've ever seen.

  2. I am DROOLING! I would so have doubled that portion though... I am a sucker for poutine, being Canadian and all... Mmm!

  3. Poutine has got to be my favourite food. Paired with a honey brown beer... nothing better.


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