Wednesday, November 21

Wedding Wednesday. Getting Ready :: Part II - Man Threads

I am a very lucky woman. There are many reasons I would state this however in this case I am referring to my stylish fella. He understands it. He doesn't always care about it, but he knows what he likes, why he likes it and can pull together a stylish ensemble without my help. 

Jack enlisted the help of a close friend, and together they tackled the daunting task of suit shopping. Obviously, I was pleased as pudding since that freed me up for completing more of my self-inflicted DIY tasks. Jack not only returned with a sharp Ted Baker suit, but he also managed to track down shoes to match, a tie clip, pocket squares and cuff links! 

Ted Baker kicks
I helped by finding a dress shirt that complimented the rest of his attire and convincing him to purchase an extra skinny tie. I say extra skinny since he already owned a couple American Apparel skinny ties but they just weren't quite right.

Jack and his sister got ready together on the big day and he even took the time to learn how to fold a pocket square properly. All the little details in all the right places. Lucky woman, I told you.


  1. These photos are SO cute!!
    Keep them coming!


  2. That last photo is darling - you certainly married a cutie!


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