Tuesday, November 27

One by One

Thought I should check in on my ol' bucket list to see how I'm doing. What better time to do so than when I don't have an outfit to share!? Don't fret though, there's one coming Thursday, I was just swamped this weekend and didn't get a chance to upload the snaps.
1. Make a fall to-do           11. Make a budget [and stick to it]
2. Finish unpacking from our move           12. Get back into yoga
3. Send wedding thank you cards           13. Read 1Q84
4. Buy furniture to fill up our apartment           14. Catch up on my blog reading
5. Hang art / Make a gallery wall
15. Go for a fall hike on Mont. Royal
6. Bake with pumpkin           16. Spend a day cozy in bed, ignoring my responsibilities
7. Make 3 recipes from pinterest           17. Host a dinner for friends
8. Get back into posting food fridays!           18. Use my sewing machine to make a chair cover
9. Paint a piece of furniture to make it new           19. Make Christmas cards
10. Put away my summer clothes           20. DIY something with studs

Looking at these now, some of them seem pretty lofty. I'm not sure I'll get them all done before fall is over, but I'm going to try! I've decided that December 16th will be my cut off... just enough time for me to knock a couple more off my list.

1. Make fall to do: pretty self explanatory, proof is above 
3. Send wedding thank you cards: Not going to lie, I have a few stragglers left that I need to send but we're waiting on some photos to be printed. See how out of my hands that is!?
6. Bake with pumpkin: Does canned count? I bought some cute ones to use but they rotted before I could get around to it! I'm going to let it slide and bake with actual pumpkin next year.
7. Make 3 recipes from pinterest: I will be posting these in the next little while. It definitely felt good to make eat something I'd been drooling over.
8. Get back into posting food fridays: They're now called mmmMondays but I have been pretty consistent!
10. Put away my summer clothes: done and done.
11. Make a budget [and stick to it]: budget is made, it is not stucken to... 
15. Go for a hike on Mont Royal: I've done this twice now! It was tons of fun, it may be in the cards once more this fall... we'll see though, I don't really care for the cold.
16. Spend a day in bed ignoring [...]: One of my first accomplishments! ...liked it so much I might just have to do it again     



  1. i've been a total slacker with almost every list lately. eep!

  2. OOOh! Love this recap. It also reminds me that I have to re-visit MY Fall bucket list... oops!

    I am a little scared to see how much I DIDN'T accomplish, but you have inspired me to brave it. :)

    x Kristin


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