Wednesday, November 28

Wedding Wednesday. Getting Ready :: Part III - The Dress

Jack had no idea what to expect and I am so happy that I chose to keep my dress a secret. Although I wasn't raised in a house that preached tradition, I think it is little traditions like these that add to the specialness of the day.

It definitely helped that, rather than making my life easy and choosing a sure thing, I decided to have my dress - inspired by Vera wang's "Gabriella" - made by a local seamstress. This way even if Jack saw a photo of the inspiration [which he swears he didn't] he would still never truly know what the real thing looked like. The process itself was a tough one however, with the help of my sisters, my mom and myself the dress was finished in the nick of time and it was perfection. I honestly could not imagine a more beautiful gown (including the original dress!). It was the perfect balance of pouffy and poise, tradition and modern, fun and elegance.  

It was a relatively easy dress to get into, besides the unavoidable nakedness and need for others to help you into it - thank goodness for great friends and sisters. Since putting on the dress took under 15 minutes we spent most of our time between the stop-in at the house and the ceremony snacking and touching.

It's an odd thing not having bridesmaids. Technically it means nobody is required to do anything. Spending the morning before my wedding with my sisters and Jackie meant the world to me. The moments I got to share with them leading up to the ceremony are among my favorites of the day. 


  1. How gorgeous! I loved my dress too--one of my favorite parts of the wedding for sure!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so pretty. And that dress is just unbelievable. Beautiful!!

  3. you are absolutely GORGEOUS!! and even moreso in the dress! :)

    I didn't know you didn't have bridesmaids. Is there a reason for not wanting to have a bridal party?

    1. aww thank you!

      I just chose not to when I realized that I would have 6! [my sisters, jack's sister, my best friend from university and two best friends from high school]. Plus my first friend to get married didn't have any and I liked how minimal the ceremony looked!

  4. You look beautiful! I love how the dress turned out. So gorgeous.

  5. wow, your seamstress did an incredible job of 'copying' the vera wang dress! would love to see a full length front view of you in the dress, too ... maybe in another wedding wednesday post ?


  6. Oh, Sorren! You looked absolutely beautiful. Classy and elegant, and I love the simple hair and makeup. The dress is very "you" :)

  7. Your dress is absolutely stunning! :)


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