Wednesday, September 12

Wedding Wednesday :: Quick Peek

I realize that a couple of major things have happened in my life recently and I’ve been pretty tight lipped about them here on the ol’ blog. It’s not that I don’t want to share. With the move, I have been working hard on balancing settling in and enjoying my new city. As for the wedding, well, I am pretty much bursting to give you the low down but, I don’t want to say too much without visuals. Sure, I have a couple of snapshots from family and friends but I just know my amazing photographers are going to kill it, so I’m going to hold off until theirs come in.

In the meantime, I hope these two teasers and this snapshot are a nice little snack.


  1. you look absolutely GORGEOUS!!

    also, you guys are going to have the prettiest babies. ever.

  2. your dress is just so so beautiful! love the skirt

  3. You both look nice, love your gown!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. You both look wonderful and so happy. All the best.

  5. stunning!!
    thanks for sharing

  6. Your dress turned out beautifully!!! I remember talking about it back when you were getting it made. Loveeeee it. You look gorgeous :)

  7. You look just stunning. i got married on the 8th of this month and I, too, am holding off on the details on my blog until I get my photos back. I love the pretty sleeves on your dress--just gorgeous!


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