Thursday, September 13

Wedding Brunch Wear

We’ve made it! This is my last wedding-wear outfit! I actually have two casual go-tos that I relied on the ENTIRE month of August for my day-to-day but, by the end of it when I actually had time to snap the photos, both of them were a little worse for wear to be photographed. And now, now it’s too chilly to wear either. However, if an Indian summer hits I will throw them on – all clean and fresh – and snap away!

robbi & nikki dress | clutch c/o the birdcage | marc fisher gladiators [similar]

When . Sunday, August 19th [and multiple times since..]
What . post-wedding Brunch 
Weather . cloudy, sunny, raining, pouring, cloudy, sunny

This dress. Oh this dress. I first saw this dress during the first 10 minutes of that hour I had to shop for my perfect bacherlorette frock. I stopped into Foreign Affair on my way to the mall because of the GIANT 70% off signs – honestly, I should have known I was done for. I found the dress in my first 5 minutes in there and instantly fell in love. I should have put it down immediately since this was obviously not the dress for my bacherlorette party but I couldn’t. Instead, I tried it on and put it on hold. I decided that I could only get it if my party dress and it totalled the initial budget I had had for the party dress – kind of a funny guideline considering I really had NO money to spend on a party dress but I digress. The rest is history – I have both dresses, no regrets and a slightly bloated visa who is currently beginning a diet.

The day after the wedding my family hosted a little brunch for our families. We had amazing breads, meats and pastries, opened gifts and basically, had the opportunity to all get together one last time before ending the “wedding weekend”. It was nice, calm and made me want to do the whole thing over again! …seriously, can i?


  1. You're not the only person to get lured into Foreign Affair!! Beautiful dress Sorren :)

    xx Veronica

  2. i looooove this dress! i can see why you had to have it!


  3. This color is DIVINE on you! :D looking beautifully put together as always!

  4. How did that even happen? Highly literally look 10x better than the model. That never happens to me.

    1. Oh and you apparently changes to highly when using swipe text. Just an fyi for y'all.

    2. FINALLY! The whole reason I just switched back to the blogger commenting system was because your comment wasn't showing up with DISQUS and it made me MADDD!!

      ANYWAY - thank you. That was the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me. I'm not quite sure how it happened, got to chalk it up to it being my best day ever, and likely her worst day ever

  5. so classy! You look gorgeous!



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