Tuesday, September 11

Rehearsal Dinner Wear

Pink Martini dress | le Chateau wedges [similar] | vintage clutch c/o the Birdcage | necklace via Biscuit General Store [similar]

When . Friday, August 17th [...also, Saturday, August 25th]
What . Rehearsal Dinner / Pre-wedding BBQ [...and a friend's wedding]
Weather . Sunny, warm; gorgeous [...Sunny, warm; gorgeous]

Since the ceremony and reception of our wedding took place in my parents’ backyard the rehearsal dinner was less of a formal event and more of a post-decorating group BBQ. We spent the day decorating and throwing together the final details, had a run-through of the ceremony and then sat down for a well deserved meal. It was nice to get both our families and closest friends in one place to share a meal before the insanity struck. I think it was the only time that week, aside from the bachelorette party, that we fully relaxed and took a moment to breathe.

I’m sure the above seems a little dressy for a backyard BBQ but I assure you a) I was much sweatier b) had crazier eyes c) had messier hair and d) just really needed to put on a pretty dress after having spent the day/week makeup-less in a bikini top and shorts [I had tan lines to think about] stringing up lights and dealing with final details. So I threw this little ditty on and enjoyed a moment of feeling pulled-together.

On a side-note, in the crazyness of the pre-wedding activities, I have not had the opportunity to introduce you to my new blog sponsor, The Bird Cage. The Bird Cage, is amazing online store based in New Brunswick specializing in vintage finds like, my new clutch! I have been keeping my eye on the boutique over the past couple weeks and must admit I have a little crush. The stock changes frequently, the pieces are unique and the prices are completely reasonable. If you love vintage finds, definitely take a peek on the site – you will definitely fall in love!


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL! And I don't think it's too dressy for a backyard BBQ at all :)

  2. The necklace totally makes that outfit!

  3. that dress is really pretty! i love the black back zip as a highlight!

    xo julesinflats.com

  4. OMG I am wearing my rehearsal dinner dress today too! I got married on 9/8. Isn't it just crazy!!???!! You know what's crazier? Our dresses are very similar. Mine is a brighter yellow, but it has a ruffle on the front too. Crazy!!! Can't wait to see the photos from your wedding!

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