Tuesday, September 18

Dressing the Part


Club Monaco blazer [similar] | BCBG slacks [similar] | FCUK blouse | nude pumps [similar] | Club Monaco belt [similar] | Stella & Dot chain

What . Work... the office-kind
When . Wednesday, September 12th
Weather . Blue skies, cloudy skies, clearing skies. Cool.

The glory days of sweats & tees are over, friends. I am back to working in an actual office building and therefore dressing like it. Over the past couple months I dreamed of this day on repeat, but I was silly. My vision was clouded. I didn't know how good I had it. 

Two weeks in and I'm already nostalgic for my tiny home office with the view of my crazy neighbourhood, loose fitting clothes and endless nail painting possibilities. I've been trying to slowly transition over, riding the balance of dressy casual, but it's no use. The shirts are fitted, the shoes taller and my dress pant pockets just don't offer the same kind of candy-stashing room as the ones in my sweats. On the upside, Friday is only four days away...


  1. Oh how I can relate! But I think you knocked it out of the park as far as business casual goes with this outfit. On a side note, you may not have sweatpant pockets for candy, but hopefully you have lots of desk doors to hide all the necessary candies :)

  2. Lol Sometimes we don't know how good we have it until it's over! :( you'll get into the groove again soon. You're probably still recovering from the move and adjusting to a new schedule; you'll get back on track again! Also have you considered your desk drawers as candy storage hot spots?



    Do you have to dress up for work everyday? On one hand, I think it'd be really fun and feel grown up and businessy, but yeah, on the other, I think a few days of dressing up like that would make me exhausted, and I'd probably very quickly be bored of the skirt/pant/blazer combo.

  4. That is the perfect office outfit, you nailed it and I love your nail polish!

  5. That's the worst thing about work-wear. I hate how structured it is, it feels restricting. I'm lucky I work in an office that allows jeans during the week - as long as you don't look like you just woke up :)

  6. hahah best spelling of professional EVER... so good I may have pictured you as a cat in a meme.

    It's totally fun on the days you feel like it and horrible on the rest. Also, I felt so baggy and unkempt in the above outfit but then Jack and I took photos and it showed me how sharp it looked - so that's always fun to deal with :P

  7. thanks! and I do have drawers! I just rearranged my desk to my liking so I will tackle the drawers next.. it's weird. I never feel as though my space is my space until I've been in it for a couple weeks.

  8. Thank you!! Unfortunately I got bored during training and bit it all off :( BUT I will definitely be repainting these same colours soon

  9. Jealous!! I see quite a few people wearing jeans daily in my office but they are in different positions than I so I'm unsure of the rules..

  10. You look so gorgeous! Mostly I just like this outfit because you wore it on my birthday ;) xo


  11. This is such a pretty work look! I really like that blouse!

  12. Welllll, it's bittersweet. Less freedom, but you look so dang good!


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