Wednesday, September 19

Wedding Wednesday :: Thank You cards

source - LOVE! If only we had planned ahead...

It was our one month wedding anniversary yesterday. We celebrated by going out to our [current] favourite restaurant, Lola Rosa, and then coming home to relax and watch Heathers ...actually, we totally forgot it was our anniversary, but we did treat ourselves so we probably knew it deep down.

I've been thinking a lot about our thank you cards recently...

source - just so. darn. cute. ...pretty involved though, and not really inline with the style of our wedding. Love it anyway.
source - font play! forgo the trouble of images and stick to the words. use "merci" since we just moved to Montreal
source - love the craft paper and simple decision. perhaps choose an image that speaks to our wedding?
source - there may have been a bit of bunting at the wedding... nice throwback? 
source - love the icons. potential stamps?

It's been a month and I've started getting nervous about letting all the wonderful folks who attended our wedding know how much it meant to us. Since we are considering including a wedding photo somehow we obviously must hold off until we can get those printed - even still to calm my nerves, I googled. I googled etiquette surrounding thank you cards [technically I have 3 months, although I'd like to send them sooner], I googled postage for various sizing of envelopes and I googled different styles of invites. 

I'm not sure which direction we'll go in yet although I do know we will be making them ourselves and we both have a slight bias towards craft paper... What are your favourites?


  1. adore the brown paper stamped ones! just beautiful!

  2. I'm loving the first idea, but I think all of these are nice choices.

  3. I like the craft paper ones! can you incorporate something with your stamp? I think that'd look awesome! :)

  4. I like having a picture of the couple from the wedding serve as the card. That way, you kill two birds with one stone (and you don't have to worry about inserting those photos into your cards and HOPING they don't get folded in the mail).


  5. I adore the brown paper...all are best choices..I wish to use any of the idea if i need to design Gift Card envelopes..thanks you share it.

  6. Oh my gosh! What a coincidence! 1. We got married on the same day! 2. I am still holding off on thank you cards because I would really like to include a wedding photo and I need to wait till I get the disk from the photographer! 3. I totally had mustache and lips through out the wedding and my second choice for thank you cards are these:

    Haha had to share...

  7. Hey nice after wedding thank you cards. Awaiting for more varieties of thank you cards! Like the mustaches in the cards!


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