Wednesday, August 8

Wedding Wednesday :: Details

At this point all tidy lists have been thrown out the window in favour of frantically trying to do everything left to do at once. I know I've still got a week and a bit to go but I like to schedule my crises well in advance so that they can be gone and done with when I really need to concentrate and remain calm. 

The big things left: my dress [?! I know, right!? kill me now], schedule for the Justice of the Peace, finishing up the playlists, gathering strands of white lights, and a bunch more things I can't remember right now [maybe I do need those lists after all...]. In any case, I've managed to spend my evenings creating little details that will make my wedding seem like I had the whole thing under control the entire time.

Labels for our wedding favour: blueberry jam 
Personalizing napkins
Paper bunting to line the aisle 
Labels for our sandwich & salad buffet

I doubt I will get another one of these in before I'm swallowed whole with last minute prep - HOWEVER I will definitely be instagramming [can one be addicted to sharing?] so make sure to follow me for updates :)


  1. We had blueberry jam for our wedding favors, too! 

  2. Oh wow, this looks so classy!  I love the labels for your buffet - they're so classy and simple.  Best of luck on your big day - I am sure it'll be amazing! :)

  3. Amazing! You are doing a great job - you wonderwoman. :) When... again... is my guest post due? Hehe. Maybe I need one of those lists.....

  4. hah thanks! If you could get it to me tomorrow/Friday that would be awesome!

  5. Wow, personalized napkins? You are one dedicated bride! I can't wait to see more. Good luck with the last minute details! :)

  6. Everything you are doing looks absolutely adorable.

  7. Super cute, Sorren! I loved planning all the little details of my wedding, especially anything involving paper and cardstock and fonts and printing. Ahhh. It's looking so gorgeous!


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