Tuesday, August 7

Rose Gold

Smart Set tank [similar] | Comme toi skirt | TOMS ballet flats | bracelets: H&M, Joe Fresh & derng 

When .  Saturday, July 28th
What . A day bumming around downtown
Weather . Sunny and gorgeous

I did not manage to get one snap shot of my outfits last week. I tried and tried but life took over and I was left spinning! It seems that the wedding planning is finally starting to really heat up and things are about get to get crazy over here. I'm going to attempt another outfit for Thursday but if I don't make it, and things get spotty, please forgive me. Definitely stay tuned though, in anticipation of the impeding insanity I lined up a couple of fun surprises... 

Until then, how much do you love this skirt?! Honestly, I am completely smitten. Every time I put it on, I feel awesome - put together, pretty and ready for anything! Pair it with my amazing Day2 curls, and I'm over the moon. Seriously. If over the next couple weeks, your TV dies, or your plans fall through and you're sitting there missing me way too much, wondering what I might be wearing, come back to this post. Nine times outta ten, I will have given these pieces a perfume bath and will be trying to cover up the mustard stain on my shirt so I can wear it one. more. day.



  1. so pretty! i adore your bracelet. this skirt could totally be a fall transitional item with cute tights, high socks, and a pair of hunter rain boots. :)
    kw, http://www.ladiesinnavy.com

  2. I was just about to say how much I love your curls when I read "day two"... day two? Mine won't even last 5 freakin' minutes! Haha! :) Also, you are right about the skirt, it's such a classic pieces that would make a great staple in your wardrobe! x

  3. TOMS! I love your ballet flats! I have them in pink. I wear them all the time!


  4. such a great summer outfit! love the buttons on the skirt

  5. Love this outfit! I've become a bit of a repeat offender myself with the heat wave we've been having in Toronto lately, I can totally relate!

  6. What an amazing skirt. I love it! 

  7. love the Toms flats ... so perfect with this outfit!

  8. I love this look - so simple but really classic and pretty. And I really like the little pop of aqua with your nails and accessories


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