Monday, August 13


Hello my dears,

I'm into the final stretch before my wedding! As planning has picked up speed over the last couple weeks [barreling towards me like a giant newfie dog on a crash course] the time I can spend blogging has been dwindling a-BIG-time.

Now that it's almost here, I have recruited a couple of my most favourite bloggers to help me run my blog while I'm off getting hitched. I hope you all become just as smitten with them as I am.

See you on the flip side!

xoxo Sorren


  1. Best of luck, Sorren and Jack!

  2. Have a wonderful wedding!!

  3. It's now August 19th... which means YOU'RE TOTALLY MARRIED!! Congratulations Sorren and Jack, in your new adventures as husband and wife.

  4. EEEEEP!!!! Thank you!! This comment got me SO EXCITED!


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