Thursday, August 2

Wedding Wednesday :: Cocktails

Let's just all pretend it's Wednesday, okay?! Everything has been so nutty lately I've been needing a second Wednesday anyway, so this is perfect!

Figuring out a great summer cocktail that the ladies will love but the men could enjoy is the subject of my wedding nightmares at the moment. I know, right? Make some punch, spike it and be done. For some reason though, I just can't leave it at that. We will be getting a keg of Propeller Bitter, Jack's favourite, and I want the cocktail to be just as impressive. 

My goal is to have a refreshing cocktail that involves minimal prep [for my sake as well as our lovely bartender friend] and therefore minimal ingredients. I've found a couple potential recipes but who are the time, or budget, to test them all out?! Any of these sound just smashing to you? Any ideas of your own you think I should hear? Any family recipes that could save the day?

1.5oz Gin        ... 1.5oz Vodka           ... 2oz vodka
Cubed Cucumbers       ... 2 oz Watermelon Juice      ... 1oz cranberry juice
3/4 oz lime juice     ... 3/4 oz lime juice      ... 3/4 oz lime juice
3/4 oz simple syrup     ... 3/4 oz simple syrup      ... 1oz orange flavoured liqueur
2oz Club Soda     ... 2oz Club Soda      ... 2oz Club Soda

LEMONADE ONE       ...

2oz Vodka        . 2oz Vodka           ... 12oz vodka
1oz lemon juice            .. 5oz lemonade juice made. 12oz can of lemonade
3/4 oz simple syrup            with Club Soda      ...           concentrate
2oz Club Soda     ... Lemon to garnish      ... 18oz club soda

    ...       ... 1/8cup grenadine

*made as a batch


  1. Lemonade 3 sounds the easiest? And the rickey the hardest, because of the cucumbers (but they do sound very cute!). Depends if you want a drink that looks visually awesome or that is easy to make? Lemonade sounds very nice and summery.

  2. I like the sound of the Watermelon Fizz and the Lemonade One.  I'd also suggest a Lemonade Shandy with half lemonade and half lager beer. 

  3. I think the Watermelon Fizz or the lemonade drinks sound yummy! But they all seem a tad on the girly side. Have you considered something like an Alabama Slammer (.5 oz Southern Comfort, .5 oz amaretto, .5 oz sloe gin, OJ to fill) or a whiskey-lemonade concoction? I'm partial to Lynchburg Lemonade (1 oz Jack Daniel's or other whiskey, .5 oz triple sec, 1 oz sour mix, lemon-lime soda like Sprite).

  4. Lemonade one sounds yummy and easy. I also like the Alabama Slammer idea (reminds me of nights at JJ's... lol)

  5. A lemonade-rye/whiskey combo is great, not too sweet but refreshing! Also, perhaps this with gin or vodka?

  6. Mmm, the pink fizz sounds delicious! I matched my cocktails to my wedding colors :) 


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