Friday, August 3

Food Friday: Fattoush & Halloum

Never fails, the heat sets in and my appetite plummets. What I could pack away in the winter quickly becomes a pipe dream and I turn to smoothies, salads and other light fare*. While this cycle of eating is surely good for me [as a break from lasagna would be good for anyone] it can also be a little sad [remember, that cheesy lasagna I'm missing?], and that's where you've got to get creative! 

Just because my appetite is smaller doesn't mean I don't still crave all the cheesy, bready goodness of winter foods, it just means I can't eat the same quantities in the same forms. Enter, Fattoush Salad with Halloum i.e. CHEESE FOR DINNER!
I know, right? Who thought eating cheese as your main course would be acceptable? I mean sure, there's a giant salad involved but who cares!? All that matters is the salad is delicious, and because it's there, the cheese counts as contributing to the meal. Obviously, this quickly became a favourite in our house. Aside from it being all so delicious, throwing it together is incredibly easy making it the perfect meal to have on the run - lunch or dinner.

Fattoush is like greek salads' less known, much cooler, younger cousin. It's fresh, stuffed with veggies and has crunchy pita in it. I definitely think the key to a great fattoush is seasoning. Make sure you have lemon, oil, sumac, mint and parsley on hand or else you just will not do it justice.

Chop all your veggies and then toss them together in a big bowl. Also, chop up your mint, parsley and pita chips but set those aside. Next, mix together your dressing ingredients - sumac, olive oil & lemon, and pour it over the veggies, tossing as you go. Stir in the mint and parsley, hold off on the pita chips, refrigerate until the halloum is ready.

Right before serving add the pita chips. This helps to make sure they don't go soggy while waiting.

Cut the halloum into strips - I like mine a little thicker, 1 - 2 cm. Brush each piece in olive oil and then place in a cold pan over medium to high heat. Let the pan and cheese heat up, it will sear the bottom. Once golden brown flip over to the other side. Squeeze some lemon over the pan at this point for added flavouring. Once golden brown on both sides, serve with fattoush salad.

*Includes burgers... obviously. It's the summer, how could it not?



  2. I love fattoush!! My grandfather used to make the BEST fattoush! Yours looks delicious as well!


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