Tuesday, July 31

Wedding Wear

Katrina Tuttle dress via Sweet Pea boutique [similar-ish] | nude pumps [similar] | belt [similar]
Matt & Nat purse as a clutch | mauve pashmina [similar]

When . Friday, July 27th
What . A friend's wedding reception
Weather . Ugh. Rain, mist, fog, humidity, breeze

Last Friday a couple friends of ours decided to get hitched and we decided to go watch. Even though my hair was taken care of [because of an AWESOME contest I won through Thumpers Salon] I had NO clue what to wear. The rain was on and off, the humidity high and my closet hasn't been updated since Spring. Luckily, my wonderful twitter & blog friend, Kristin came to the rescue and we decided on the dress above. I absolutely loved the entire outfit. If I could change something I would only only change my pumps to wedges [these nude wedges OR! these blush ones] but I don't have any and am on a shopping-ban until post-wedding so my pumps did just fine!

I must thank Nathan MacNeil at Thumpers Salon for my amazing tresses. He did such a fantastic job making my hair work with the insane weather and I absolutely LOVED the thick beachy waves!


  1. So classy! Perfect look for a wedding. My sister got married this past weekend and I could not BELIEVE what some people wore...I saw clubbing-style crazy-short dresses, flip flops and even tennis shoes!

  2. Beautiful Sorren! :) I love the dress and the loose waves in your hair!

    xx Veronica


  3. Nice look! Your hair looks great :)


  4. you look gorgeous! I have said it before but I love that dress, the pattern is so chic!

  5. Kristin is my "go to" to outfit dilemmas, too. And I agree, your hair is killer! 

  6. Your hair does indeed look amazing!  And you made a great choice with this dress--very wedding friendly.  I am supposed to be on a shopping ban until after my wedding too.  It has not gone as well as I hoped . . . . but you seem to be doing very well with it!  Congrats!

  7. Wow! That dress is absolutely stunning!! I love it!


  8. Perfect wedding outfit! Hope the wedding was still good despite the weather :)

    Life etc


  9. That dress is so pretty! I love the print, and it looks lovely on you!

  10. Your hair looks AMAZINGGGG, Sorren! How are you going to style it for the wedding? Because you look great with beachy waves!


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