Tuesday, August 21

Guest Post: Dash Dot Dotty

I first stumbled onto Dotty's blog at the very beginning of my own blogging journey and I was instantly smitten. I mean, this girl has style - and it's not just the oh-so-perfect young professional attire. Her style is even evident in her clean and well thought-out blog layout. Alright, I'm gushing - but seriously, get acquainted!


outfit details:
blazer: gap
tee underneath: forever21
shorts: target
sandals: target
giant bag: banana republic

oh, hi!  it's dotty from dash dot dotty and i'm here to fill in while sorren is getting herself all married and stuff.  seriously, if you're looking for some prettiness you should check out her wedding wednesday posts, you can tell that the wedding is going to be AMAZING.  anyway, sorren has been rocking fancy shorts all summer by pairing them with blazers and heels, so i figured i would give it a whirl. 


  1. That necklace is fantastic!!

  2. I know, right!? Dotty has an amazing eye for those kinds of details!


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