Wednesday, June 13

Wedding Wednesday :: Wedding Website

Okay, so I may be sneaking this one in right under the "Wednesday" wire but it's still Wednesday somewhere right?? riggggght? 

It seems as though wedding websites are as big a norm as the invitations themselves these days. With it being such an easy way to house information, spread updates and answer questions your guests may have, how could they not be!? Since Jack and I have a bit of DIY thing going anyway, we figured that we might as well make our wedding website from the ground-up to ...well Jack did. I opted for the easy wordpress option but he wasn't having it. So, I caved and we purchased the domain: Long & informative with a nice ring to it; perfection. 

I quickly got to work outlining the content and structure of the site, while Jack began the initial coding and design process. I love how he used our invitation as inspiration and then evolved the design by creating the striped background, main page headers and black nav! I definitely cannot take credit for the amazing site design, that honour goes wholly to Jack. My contributions were fell more under content, text layout on the page and the small headers, not the most glamorous job but it fit my OCD just fine.


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