Wednesday, June 6

Wedding Wednesday :: Invitations

There was never a question as to who would design and create our invites, it was just a matter of the two of us combining our vision and aesthetic to create an invitation that we would both love. 

I must admit, leading up to this year I never thought that the invite below would be what I would be sending out [I had my eye set on much cleaner  types of styles]. However, I love these invitations with all my heart and now that I have them I could not imagine anything topping them!

We began with a month-long design process where we spent a little time each weekend working on the design. Each of us coming up with various assets and ideas, then discussing what we liked and didn't like, and how we could combine the two to make one invitation. This would have gone on forever but we had to lock it in. Looking at the below, I honestly can't even tell you who came up with which pieces - which I love because it means that this design truly was a combined effort.

Transparency set up on giant lightbox - waiting to burn the screen

Once we had our design, we went off to Kinkos to get it printed on transparency paper. Since our invitation paper was large, the transparencies also had to be huge! Although Jack and I have completed many screen printing projects at home, this particular one was a little more delicate so we jumped at the opportunity when our friends at YORODEO offered to lend us their space and equipment.

1. Jack washing out the screen | 2. Setting up the dry screen in the clamps | 3. Paint in place, paint squeegee
4. Putting the paper in place | 5. Painted screen

The use of their space made the whole process SO much easier it was nutty. If we had done this at home it likely would have taken three times how long it took us in the studio - amazing! Had I known it was going to go this smoothly and quickly I may have been up for adding a second colour, or a pattern on the back. In any case, I love them all the same.

1. Drying racks | 2. Our printed invites drying | 3. More drying photos | 4. Cutting the invitations down to size.

I was a little obsessed with the drying racks... I just loved how organized it all looked and how you didn't have to lay your pieces out on the floor and then hop scotch around them trying not to smear the wet paint. Looking at these photos my feelings haven't changed at all. I definitely feel as though a museum dedicated to cool organizational tools would do very well.

Each sheet printed had nine invitations on them, which meant that we had to pay Kinkos another visit and use their giant paper slicer. Sure we could have paid them to do this but we felt like being stingy... this will not happen again - the slicing process would. not. end. To make matters worse, we accidentally printed invites for every person attending, rather than couples, families, etc. Needless to say, we have a large stack of leftovers. Party favours anyone?

Our envelope seals

Once we had our invites, RSVP cards & envelopes side by side, we realized that we were in need of a little colour. Jack quickly put together these J&S buttons and we glued them to the flap of each envelope. It's just a hunch but I'm guessing a lot of these fell off in transit. 

The finished product. 1. Envelope | 2. RSVP card - back | 3. Envelope seals | 4. RSVP card - front | 5. Our finished invitation

Cost of invites: $88.93

  • $6.33 - Paper: $0.52 / sheet, 10 sheets [only actually needed 5]
  • $5.87 - RSVP Paper: $0.75 / sheet, 6 sheets
  • $3.10 - Seal paper: $0.90 / sheet, 3 sheets
  • $5.73 - Seal cutter: $5.00 on sale - thank you, Martha Stewart
  • $35.19 - Envelopes: $5.10 / 10 pack, 6 packs [so we could have do-overs]
  • $10.35 - Paint: $9.00 [we have LOTS leftover]
  • $22.36 - Transparency - probably could have cut this cost down by a third.


  1. These are just SO gorgeous. I love it. I am definitely going this route when I get married. :)

  2. oh my gosh, your invites are GORGEOUS!! I love the bunting theme you've got going. Everything looks so perfect and I cannot believe you made them all by hand. 

    You guys are so talented! Are there any diy projects in the works for the day of the wedding? I'm curious to know if the bunting theme is going to continue to play out for your wedding ceremony/reception too. :D

  3. Where did you buy your paper? I've been looking at similar paper and envelopes but it's really expensive. 

  4. This is SO neat!!

  5. This blog post was amazing! Sorren, they're beautiful! I love YORODEO... Adam and I have a few of their 3D pieces on our wall. 

  6. These look so good! How great that you got to make them by hand :)

    Life Etc

  7. this is awesome! what a cute little creative couple you are!

    xo Teresa

  8. Very cool blog post and definitely a gorgeous invite!!

  9. These are so gorgeous! And for under $90, they are DEFINITELY a steal. Well done!

  10.  Those look SO awesome. You put my mass-produced invitations to shame :( Can't wait to see more of your wedding stuff!

  11. Actually, when I think about the weddings, the first thing that pops into my mind is the dress. xD I'm so typical. :D
    This looks great! I love invitations too, something so beautiful made of paper. :D
    I discovered your blog with the help from Sugarlips, I loved it as soon as I got here! *.*
    I'm following you. :D If you want, you can find me on:
    Have a nice day! Kisses from Serbia! :*

  12. Aww shucks, thanks! Jack pretty much insisted we screen print ourselves and I'm so happy we did. I cannot wait to share more, it's been so sporadic but hopefully I'll nail down a couple more things and then I'll be able to post!!

  13. Thank you!!! As I was adding it up I was bummed they were over 60$ BUT you're right, they're still a steal.

  14. No way!! I went to that 3D show at Nocturne 2 (?) years ago, they're so awesome. I'm so glad you liked this post, I love posting on the craft projects we do although with all the wedding planning we haven't been up to as much of them lately. Luckily, the DIY invites were a must!

  15. Sorry I took so long to reply!! I got it at the local art college supply store. It's literally giant sheets of cardboard, which we cut down at kinkos. If you want I can send you an invite so you can use it as a sample when looking... let me know!

  16. THANK YOU!!! We tried to avoid the bunting, but it was inevitable... it just stole our hearts hipster-style. 

    We will definitely have some bunting in our decor, although I've got my friend who's a whizz with the sewing machine working on it for me... I'm trying to decide now whether it's worth DIYing some center-pieces or if I should avoid complicating my life and stick to oddly shaped mason jars with "?" in them... 

  17. Thank you! It's definitely worth it. I love how when I look at them, I'm excited about the wedding but also proud of the work we put into it.

  18. ooh, the mason jars sound like a cool idea! i hope you blog other wedding DIYs. i really enjoy seeing your big day come together. 

  19. Heck ya! We are doing our own invites too and Ben just signed us up for a silk screening class so I'd love to see yours. I'll shoot you my address in an email.


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