Monday, March 26

Music Monday

TV on the Radio: Wolf Like Me

Since I'm on my way to Montreal this morning it seemed only fitting that I choose a song by the band I saw the last time I was there for a visit. 

Last April Jack and I went to Montreal to see TV on the Radio. Jack had loved this band for a while and I, in true form, got fully into them about six months prior to the show [although I didn't know at that point that we would get to see them so my interest was legit]. In any case, the show was amazing - beyond amazing - they played all my favourites from past albums and a bunch of amazing new tracks. 

This song is the one that got me hooked, that made me fall in love with this band. If you're going to listen, turn it up loud; some songs are just better cranked all the way up and this is one of them!

*Unfortunately I can't find a version that will play embedded on my blog - however take the time to redirect to youtube - it's well worth it!

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