Wednesday, March 28

Wedding Wednesday :: Colour, and other things that scare me

Colours. Oh my. In design, I usually avoid colour like the plague, although I am happy to announce that I have begun to warm to them from a fashion perspective. I think the reason I'm so colour-shy is because the decision of which accent colour to add is a big one. Colour says so much, it communicates a mood, atmosphere and intent and choosing one seems so final. I feel as though adding colour to a monochromatic design, whether it's made of shades of grey, white and black or shades of taupe, brown and whites, nails down a specific feeling and takes the freedom away from the audience to decide how they feel. It's an odd opinion, but there it is. Honestly, I think I may have put too much thought into it all and need to sit back, relax and let the fun of colour take over. That's a nice idea and all, but to me that sounds like utter chaos... and with that, let's talk about colour + my wedding.

When we first began talking wedding, invitations and colour were top of my priority list. Any time someone would ask me what colours I'm going to use my answer was: grey, grey and a little white. If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that I love grey. Always have, always will. It only makes sense that this would be my wedding colour go-to. But as things go, it wasn't that simple; we needed an accent colour. Now I know it's my wedding and I can do it how I want, but I want an accent colour. I really do. I'm just scared to choose one.

The funny thing is, the more decisions we make concerning aesthetic and design, the more my beloved grey is left behind. There is just no room to fit it in... and honestly, I'm pretty happy with how things are evolving and don't feel the need to force it in. So now I find myself with "cardboard", "unbleached cotton", and "burlap" as my main colour scheme in need of an accent, and the question still remains: what will that be?

  1. Not only do I love this burlap bunting, I love all the shades of cream and brown here. Definite inspiration for the wedding.
  2. Colours that I am playing with. Unbleached cotton/white, soft yellow, light burlap, soft tangerine, dark burlap. What are your thoughts? Should I accent my rustic burlap and unbleached cotton colour choices with a soft yellow, or a soft tangerine or both?? I'm not having bridesmaids so potential ways pops of color will be present are: bunting, ribbon/cloth ties on the centrepieces, cake icing… 
  3. Inspiration. This table setting is very in line with how I would like my tables laid out. I’m not sure what my centerpieces will be however, colour accents would be used sparingly within the center-pieces.
  4. Inspiration. I don’t know if I can get my hands on these absolutely perfect brown chairs [while staying within my budget]. I do know that I absolutely love how the colours are used here.
  5. Inspiration. This photo is basically what convinced me to move towards the more shabby chic, rustic style of d├ęcor. I don’t know if I can accomplish this table in all its glory but I love it all the same and will try to emulate something similar.


  1. I love all these pics! And I don't think you even need an accent...the green in the flowers works well enough!

  2. I like the richer red/rust/brown tones in the cake display - is that enough for an accent? (I guess it might be in line with the 'dark burlap'?). However close you get to pulling off your ideal 'shabby chic rustic' look, I'm sure it's going to be amazing. Excited to see what you choose next!

  3. You should talk to Emily - she has a ton of beautiful vintage cake plates she used at her wedding. She also had burlap table runners - I don't know what happened to them, but they're worth asking about!

  4. hah Emily just offered for me to borrow them early last week - I am definitely going to take her up on it!

  5. I think you're right about the darker brown tones, the contrast of them is a great accent and really brings out how well the rest meshes together

  6. Thank you! Honestly, I feel as though I knew this but needed somebody to tell me for me to ACTUALLY know it.

  7. I really like the soft yellow with it - very pretty. 


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