Wednesday, November 16

What I ate: Helena Beat

Hey Guys... you may have noticed that below is not in fact a dinner recipe.
Nor is it a recipe for baked goods or delicious brunch-y items.
Looking closely it does seem that it is in fact, a recipe for a terrifying gang of children
(not to be confused with a gaggle - if they were a gaggle, they'd be harmless)
however, you can't eat those.
And if you could, I bet they wouldn't be very tasty.

Sorry for the confusion, but try as I might (and I'm trying pretty freaking hard)
there is no way that my What I ate recipe is going to get published today. 
And since tomorrow is only only 24 minutes away I made an executive decision to swap.
Saturday Song Day is going to fill in, and then What I ate Wednesday will be up the slack on Saturday. 
Everyone on board?

(that's right, I'm purposefully ignoring those of you who said no. 
Buck up and hop on this train or... or... wait patiently until next week when things are back to normal.)

I'm guessing you're all well aware of Foster the People
and if you're a little iffy on who they are, 
you've at least caught a verse or two of Pumped Up Kicks
As great as Pumped Up Kicks is,
I wanted to share with you the song that got me completely hooked
(which you'll also likely know because it's their other single),
and rooting for them to hit it big.

Which they did.
So, hurray.

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  1. I dig this tune, too. I liked Pumped Up Kicks, but I must admit that Helena Beat sold me on them. I declined seeing them at a really small recently re-opened local theater for $30 over the summer. I regret this decision.


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