Saturday, November 19

What I ate: Leek and Feta Quiche

Growing up, my parents would often serve us cheese pie.
When we would ask for quiche they would reply, 
"quiches are so difficult to make, you children run around and we can't trust the quiche not to fall while baking. 
Cheese pie is not as difficult, enjoy your cheese pie.
(little did they know this would indirectly create a family of incredibly light walkers)

Now, I don't have anything against cheese - I LOVE cheese - however, cheese pie
 is not the same thing as consuming chunks of smoked gouda. 
All the cheese sinks to the bottom. It's alright, but it's not quiche.
Quiche is light and ethereal. It's delicious. It makes you feel fancy when you have it,
like you're on gossip girl and lunching on quiche is just another bore in your fabulous life.

But I digress. My point is, if anyone else has been tricked into believing quiche is
difficult to make and will likely be disappointing, fear not, I am here to set you straight.

Every time I make a quiche, I begin with the same basic recipe:
3 eggs
2/3cups light cream

Next, I decide what sort of filling I would like. My two top favourite combos are:

4 small leeks
1/4cup butter
1 clove garlic
125grams feta cheese

1/2 zucchini, chopped
1 medium red pepper, diced
1cup mushrooms, chopped
1 clove garlic
125 grams feta cheese
1/4cup butter

Both are delicious and both are relatively easy. Begin by melting the butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add chosen vegetables and saute until softened. Once soft add vegetables to egg and cream mixture. Throw in a dash of salt and pepper. Add feta. Combine. 

For the crust I alternate between four different options:
- layering phyllo pasty
- frozen pie crust 
- puff pastry 
- pie dough from scratch... which is what was used in this case.

Roll out pie dough on a floured surface until big enough to fit in your dish.
Become frustrated that it never expands just-so and spend an additional 20 minutes 
re-rolling until you are pulled away kicking 
and put on a time out 
while it is completed by someone less OCD than you.

Once the pie dough is in the pie plate stab a fork into the bottom a few times. 
Not only does this move relieve the frustration you felt towards that stupid, uncooperative dough
BUT it also helps the dough push air through. 
(If you're using phyllo pastry you can skip this step.)

Dough is ready? Add egg filling to pie crust.
And you are basically done.

Bake at 325 for 35 - 45 minutes.
Serve with salad.

No notes today, there fellas are really just that easy!


  1. I shall hereby never use phyllo pastry just so I don't lose the opportunity to stab the living daylights out of my pie crust.  This was a very useful tip.

  2. It looks delicious and I love leek! This pie looks good :) mm

  3. Oh my gosh. I definitely have to try this one.

  4. This looks delicious. We love leek soup and feta, so this is something we will be definitely trying. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You make it look too easy, Sorren. I want some. Right now.

  6. You should! and it's SO good, AND it's so easy to bring as a work lunch :)

  7. haha, I would never even DREAM of rolling my own pie crust anymore. I've learned from my mistakes, and now store-bought is the way for me! :)

  8. Holy schnikes, that looks delicious!


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