Friday, June 27

Hidden Gem

InWear dress | messenger bag c/o HSC Michael Kors | Michael Kors heels [similar] | Marc Jacobs watch

Well aren't my cheeks just pink?! Here I was, spending my time settling in, waiting for my lovely photographer husband to come visit so we could grab snaps while my perfectly shareable birthday outfit sat waiting in a forgotten folder.

I bought this dress back in May. I had forgotten about getting myself a new little birthday dress altogether until the week before and spent every spare minute I had hunting down this lovely. I had a few contenders but this one was the perfect balance of relaxed, dressy and the fabric had a certain je ne sais quoi. PLUS it had sleeves - a must for early spring weather!

I think we can all agree what's actually important though, is that cherry blossoms are back in bloom for a hot minute in this corner of the web. I can't help it, they just make. me. happy.

♡ ♡ 

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  1. Beautiful! And, yes, it is extremely important that the cherry blossoms are back. :)



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