Monday, June 23


Well sheesh, that was quite the hiatus. No lie - never saw it coming. That should be the tagline for my entire move actually. That, or, everything that can go wrong will... and then some. I digress. I am now happily settled and making a nice long wish list of new furniture that would be just perfect in our new place. and, now that I finally have my internet hooked up - it's been a rough couple weeks - I'll be seeing a lot more of you all! 

Happy Monday!
♡ ♡ 


  1. Welcome to Toronto and my home province! Sorry to hear the move has been rough, but now that you are settled it can only get better!! But once again, I wish you a warm welcome girl!!! xo

  2. Welcome to Toronto! I hope that every thing goes smoother for. you and that you enjoy it here! X

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Moving sucks. I've only been to Toronto once, about seven years ago, but it was lovely. Can't wait to see what you discover there!

    Also, do you follow The Sydney Chronicles ( She's in Toronto too and always posts the coolest stuff about the city.


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