Saturday, February 22


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the Dot & Lil Press Event for their Spring 2014 line of products.

Dot & Lil specializes in hand crafted bath & skin care products made locally in their Montreal Studio. The moment you enter their space the time, care and emphasis on quality that's involved in the creation of each line of products is immediately apparent. Items are not only beautifully crafted - rows of soap resembling that of a lovely sampling of macarons - but uses thoughtful ingredients to ensure that users put only the best on their skin.

The Spring 2014 line introduces a facial cleansing bar {a gentle formula of rosehip seed extract, ground oats, clay and coconut oil} and exfoliating grains {ground oats & oat flour, ground apricot kernels, milk powder and Saskatchewan red salt}. These two items join the long-loved facial serum rounding out the Dot & Lil facial care trio.

New soaps with seasonal scents in Sweet Pea, Lilac, Peach Blossom and Citrus also join the Spring 2014 line. I was able to get my hands on a sample and I couldn't help but replace my usual go-to with the lilac - it breathes spring into my daily routine!

One thing I've loved about having this little ol' blog is being able to share items I love. Even more than that, I've love each chance I get to share and support gorgeous local businesses I stumble upon. So much is going on in each of our own backyards. I always find it so incredible when I get the opportunity to discover and share something new. What was immediately evident, and what made me fall in love with Dot & Lil is Anne Dardick's, creator and founder of Dot & Lil, infectious passion for her business and the items she creates. I've gushed enough but before I end my review I wanted to share two items from the classic collection that I fell in love with - the line of lip glosses and vintage tea cups candles - both of which I immediately wanted to purchase as gifts for every lovely gal in my life.

So if you get the chance, check out Dot & Lil!
All new Spring 2014 items will be available on the website beginning this Wednesday 
with store fronts stocking soon after! 


  1. Wow, those sound amazing! I love the packaging, too. It's so nostalgic -- especially that teacup candle.

  2. I would love to try their lip balm! And such cute packaging, too!


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