Wednesday, February 12


Black Swan sweater via Twisted Muse [similar] | Mink Pink dress | Coach boots [similar] | RUDSAK clutch [similar]
Komono watch | fitbit flex | lip - forgotten! should have been

I'm a sucker for a  holiday. Whether it be St. Patrick's Day, Halloween or Valentine's day, if there is a theme and theme-coloured treats I swoon. I can't help but buy up the pink and red candy, filling sweet little candy dishes and placing them around my apartment. When it comes to Valentine's Day celebrations however, Jack and I tend to avoid the classic dinner-out the three days before and after the big day. Restaurants are too packed, fixed menus are too rigid and quite frankly, I am anti-reservations. Instead, we usually opt for a nice evening in, filled with movies, take out and a fancy cocktail.. or two. This week so far, we've caught a flick (LEGO movie - amazing - everything IS awesome), gotten takeout and will head to Ottawa this weekend for a couple days. The mini getaway should be nice and I can't wait to choose which restaurant we'll hit up in the next couple weeks - I mean, just because we don't go on Valentine's Day doesn't mean we should skip the opportunity to splurge on a great meal! we just have to decide 1, 2, 3 



  1. I'm with ya on the not going out for Valentine's Day dinner - T & I always stay in & make a gourmet meal - so much better!

    xo julesinflats

  2. That sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day with your sweetie. I'm with you on theme days, though. I guess that's another reason it's awesome I'm a teacher - I can indulge in my holiday geek-dom. I hope you and Jack have a lovely getaway!

  3. Love this!! I adore that sweater. You look so cozy.

    xo Ashley


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