Monday, January 13


A.L.C Devereux Jacket | James Perse tee [similar] | JBrand coated skinnies [similar] | BCBG wedges [similar] | RUDSAK clutch

I was going to call this post "a few of my favourite things" but then I couldn't help letting my mind wander to all of my other favourite things until I had imagined myself into a Joey-esq scenario and I slowly just backed away from the title altogether.

You already know my all-encompassing love for this blazer. And these jeans. These coated lovelies I won from Foreign Affair are by far the most under worn item I own. Every time I do get the chance though - I'm over the moon! I picked up this James Perse top at Boutique Stockmarkt and it's the perfect, subtle piece to tie my blazers to my bottoms. After owning these shoes, my closet will never again lack an ankle-boot wedge. Honestly, these darlings take me straight from fall through to March and the wedge is a joy to walk in. Seriously though, if every outfit I wore included individual pieces I own and love this deeply I would spend my hours pleased as punch... and possibly lost in a daydream, how could I not with days so blessed?


  1. I love a good Friends reference! Joey was always good for a few jokes :)

  2. love this! so chic & yet somewhat casual still. thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a sweet comment!

    xo julesinflats

  3. Loving those coated skinnies ... and that blazer is so perfect! I also love how the wedge boot is the perfect equalizer between flats & heels. Being comfortable is so key for me lately, and it's such a bonus when the shoe looks fantastic too, like these do! xoxo

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